How does it work?

CityBarge is an independent logistics service provider that focusses on utilizing existing water infrastructures. We combine various cargo flows, use modern and clean equipment, and re-use existing inner-city waterways. By doing so we are able to create an economic and cost-efficient service. We offer our customers an optimized and affordable way of moving cargo in city centers.

In the complexity of city centers, CityBarge flourishes due to the strong collaborations with municipalities and other stakeholders. By combining this with the sustainable and clean character of our service, we ensure that nuisance by trucks is reduced to minimum levels and more space is created in crowded places.

Technological innovation

CityBarge has developed a modulair and integrated system that consists of an electric push-boat, push-barge and modular floating platforms (mini-hubs). The CityBarge system is linked a transfer point outside the city and an information system that connects these elements and the various partners. This combination ensures reliability and affordability to our customers. The accompanying figure displays the design of the mini-hub together with the push-boat and barge.

The bigger picture

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