CityBarge video – “Bringing back the boats into the city”

“Bringing back the boats into the city. I think that’s a beautiful idea!” says regional minister, province of Zuid-Holland Adri Bom-Lemstra.

We are proud to share this video outlining how the CityBarge concept provides a feasible and affordable way to reduce carbon emissions in crowded cities. The modular and scalable concept of CityBarge contributes to urban liveability by reinstating the use of inner-city waterways for the distribution of waste and other cargo to relieve congested cities of (heavy) truck transport.

CityBarge is the result of a co-creation process by a collective of start-ups, governmental organizations, scientists, and industry experts from leading companies in the public and private sector. The Province of South-Holland, the municipality of Delft, CityBarge, City Hub, KOTUG International, FYNLY and Skoon joined forces to combine historical practice with high tech applications of today and tomorrow. And by combining intelligent energy, asset and planning platforms, all supported by our key partners Nokia, Dell EMC, Spie and Innotractor.

Interested? The very first CityBarge will be revealed soon at a special launching ceremony on September 21st during the Zero Emission City Logistics festival (ZES) in Leiden, as part of the European Mobility Week. After the reveal, the production of a second CityBarge pushboat is a matter of weeks due to the extremely efficient modular assembling process.